Tim Cline


Hypertrophy Training
Strength Training
Functional Training
Nutrition Plans
Training programs
Online coaching

Certified Personal Trainer
BA finance Eastern Illinois University
3X Overall bodybuilding champion

“I would like to make your fitness goals, a reality”

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Michelle Fannin


Weight Loss
Women’s Fitness
Senior’s Fitness

Certified Personal Trainer
3x Overall Figure Champion


Allen Pike

Certified Personal Trainer by ACE
(American Council on Exercise)
Bachelor’s Degree in Fitness Management from Henderson State University


General fitness
Bodybuilding Coaching
Weight Loss
Sports Performance
Diet Coaching

(870) 833-0938


Instagram: allen_pike

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Toronica Jenkins


Fitness plans
Meal Plans
One on one training
Goal setting

Bachelor of Arts Psychology, Master of Science Educational Psychology, Doctor of Philosophy (all but dissertation)*

My goal is to build you both physically, and mentally so that you can be the best possible version of yourself! I have been training now for over 4 years. I focus on weight loss, recomposition, athletic training, and lifestyle training.

(302) 399-3834


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Jessica Keim


One on One Personal Training
Meal Planning and Nutrition

My name is Jessica and I’ve been working as a NASM certified personal trainer for the past two years. Prior to getting my certification, I successfully lost, and have kept off, over 100lbs. I have competed in both powerlifting and bodybuilding competitions.

I offer one on one personal training, meal planning/nutrition and coaching


(618) 767-0860

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Jakob Capecchi

My name is Jake capecchi certified personal trainer threw NCSF. I got into fitness in 2013. I was 305 lbs physically obese at 14 years old. I lost 165lbs in a year. Then decided to get into competitive bodybuilding. I competed in my first show pink muscle fest 2018.

Npc Bodybuilding show- pink musclefest 2017, Midwest 2018, Mid illinois 2018, Midwest 2019.

(618) 514-6290

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